Dedicated to Leather Wallets

Fantastically comprehensive range of wallets are available here. Encompassing simple treasury notecases, to hip wallets with an inner flip to reveal extra card space. We also have threefold wallets if you need something really quite small and a great range of long wallets from the simple notecases which lie fairly lat in the breast pocket to the more traditional kind with the deep inside pocket.

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Slim Credit Card Wallet and Notecase

Available in Black, Navy, Poppy, Red, Brown, Purple and Berry

Price £14.90


The quality you expect from a notecase costing many times the price.

Available in Brown and Black

Price £17.90


A wallet with everything. Incorporating coin purse and identification window, Also plenty of credit card space and a long zipper across the back.

Available in Black and Brown

Price £26.90

Antigua Slim Credit Card Wallet And Notecase

This wonderfully compact credit card holder will also serve as a wallet for those of you who like to travel light. It comes with six credit card slots and four slip pockets, two on the inside and two more built into the front and back of the wallet. These slip pockets can easily take notes, papers or additional cards. Also comes complete with a presentation gift box.

Available in Black and Chocolate Brown

Price £10.90

Kiam Basic Wallet

This is a simple note case with two separate sections for notes. The interior card space amounts to 8 credit cards with a further 2 slips either side for extras. The beauty of this note case is that it is very slim and lies very flat in the trouser pocket. The leather is extremely smooth and soft and the depth of colours in the black and the brown leads to a real quality look and finish.

Available in Brown and Black

Price £24.95

Shirt Wallet With Coin Pocket

This is a very well appointed wallet with regards to size and capacity. It is smaller than average but yet still takes all the notes comfortably. It has two separate note sections. The interior has a very compact layout, the right hand side is devoted to a coin purse which is gussetted to hold lots of loose change. The left hand side has an inner flip which opens out to reveal a clear window for a licence or ID. There is in total capacity for 8 credit cards with a further slip. The leather is exceptionally soft and the colours are very rich and have a great deal of depth in them giving a quality look.

Available in Black and Brown

Price £24.95

Salisbury Trifold Wallet

Fantastic, discreet sized threefold wallet that easily to fits into a front or back trouser pocket. There are two separate sections for the notes and a minimum of seven clear credit card slots. The middle section is an identification window and there are further three slip pockets to store cards. This comes in a really soft and malleable leather.

Available in Chocolate Brown and Black

Price £15.90

Livingston Notecase With Credit Card Slots And Note Section

This Wallet/Notecase is made from a wonderfully soft, smooth leather. Also includes a presentation gift box.

Available in Chocolate Brown and Black

Price £35.00

Foley Slim Notecase With 6 Credit Card Slots

The Foley Notecase is a slim credit card holder and wallet rolled into one. Featuring a note sections, four credit card pockets and optional plastic inserts that may be removed to provide an extra two pockets. Comes boxed.

Available in Chocolate Brown and Black

 Price Now £8.72 Reduced - 20% Off 


Selling rapidily. One of our featured notecase for 2012, the Notecase really is pretty.

Available in Brown, Black and Tan

Price £33.90

Havana Tab Notecase With Credit Card Slots, Inside Pockets And Note Section

This fully featured wallet is packed with pockets and slots so that it has room for everything. There are two main pockets for notes and papers, with the larger of the two protected by a zip. Coins are accommodated in their own dedicated pouch that is held shut by a pop stud. This wallet also has 8 slots for credit cards, a mesh pocket for swipe cards and two extra slip pockets. Comes complete with a gift box.

Available in Chocolate Brown and Black

Price £40.00

Orkney Slim Long Wallet

A great wallet with loads of capacity and simple, slim design.

Available in Tan and Black

Price £14.90